Traumatic Brain

Traumatic brain injury occurs when the head is hit, or hits, a blunt object causing the brain to smash into the hard bony surface of the skull. It can also occur when the brain suddenly accelerates or decelerates during an accident (commonly referred to as whiplash) without ever hitting anything.

Often, traumatic brain injury occurs when the head hits the windshield, dashboard or steering wheel in an auto accident. Over the past few years, head injuries associated with concussions have received considerable attention.

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The illustration above represents an acceleration/deceleration (whiplash) injury in which the head does not strike anything, but the brain is jostled inside the skull, crushing against the inside of the skull front and back, damaging the brain. Many are surprised to learn that the inside of the skull is not smooth, and that a mere whiplash injury can cause lasting brain injury effects.

Annually, some 2 million Americans sustain head injuries. The majority will heal over time if given proper medical attention. More than a half-million head injuries are severe enough to require hospitalization, and may result in permanent disability. Even those with a diagnosis of “mild” traumatic brain injury may find the effects of their injury anything but mild.

Some of the disabling effects of head injury include:

  • Memory problems including short-term memory loss, problem solving abilities and the inability to understand abstract concepts
  • Motor deficits such as paralysis, poor balance and poor coordination
  • Speech deficits and poor breathing problems
  • Language difficulty (i.e. difficulty expressing thoughts and understanding others)
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Personality changes, including irritability, depression, aggression, etc.

Epilepsy occurs in 2 – 5% of all people who sustain head injury.

The extent of a person’s problems after sustaining a head injury depends on many factors. It may take many months — or sometimes years — for the extent of the person’s enduring problems from the head injury to be known.

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