Motor Vehicle
Injury Accidents

When another driver runs into you, and you become injured as a result, you enter the medical-legal-insurance maze. Often, drivers and passengers are under the misconception that their insurance company will always represent them fairly and completely. After all, that’s why you pay your premium every month. Correct? Wrong.

Insurance companies operate in THEIR best interest, not yours. They will likely want you to sign a settlement early in the process, often before the extent of your injuries is known. As a rule of thumb, never sign any settlement agreements offered by an insurance company — even your own — until you have asked an attorney experienced in auto injury to read the paperwork.

Most non-serious injuries heal within a few weeks. If after that time you are still experiencing pain or other disability, seek the advice of a medical specialist. Your general practitioner or your attorney can recommend physicians in your area who are experienced in the type of injuries you have sustained.

Usually, an initial consultation with an attorney is free. If you are asked to meet in the attorney’s office, come prepared. Bring your insurance policy, a copy of the accident report, photos, and relevant medical documents with you to the meeting.

Do you have enough auto insurance coverage? In Washington, your insurer must provide you with UIM, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

In the state of Washington, your insurer must also offer you Personal Injury Protection coverage, also known as PIP coverage. PIP insurance provides you and the occupants of your car medical coverage, lost income coverage, and coverage for household services. PIP coverage on a vehicle also covers pedestrians hit by that vehicle. To see if you are insured by PIP coverage, check your insurance policy.