Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Syndrome is generally defined as any persisting pain that occurs beyond the usual course of a disease or beyond the reasonable time for an injury to heal. It negatively impacts all areas of a person’s life, including their home life, work life and emotional well being. It is a syndrome that also dramatically affects those close to the afflicted person.

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In the past, the person had to have endured pain for at least six months. Today, because of better diagnostic training and education, a CPS disgnosis often can be made after a few weeks.

People who develop Chronic Pain Syndrome find their ability to cope severely curtailed. Often independent, victims become (necessarily) dependent on their physicians, families and friends for help. They relinquish their domestic, social and vocational lives to their pain. They also often experience difficulty recovering benefits from their insurance companies. It is difficult enough doing the simplest of tasks. Filing a legal claim to recover disability benefits can seem like an insurmountable hurdle.

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