Andrew Fuller

  • Education:
  • J.D., University of Washington
    School of Law
  • B.A., New York University
  • Senior Articles Editor for the Washington Journal for Law, Technology, and the Arts 2014-16
  • Member, Washington State Bar Association
  • Advisory Board Member,
    University of Washington
    Technology and Public Policy

Attorney ANDREW FULLER is an advocate committed to helping our clients find resolution and closure for their injuries through the legal system. Energetic, determined, and fiercely devoted to his clients' interests, Andrew works tirelessly as a Krafchick Law Firm attorney to produce positive outcomes for our clients. Andrew's penchant for creative problem solving, combined with his critical approach to both fact and law, serve him particularly well in representing clients who suffer from, often complex, physical and emotional injuries. During his time at the University of Washington School of Law, Andrew honed these skills serving as a Senior Articles Editor for the Washington Journal for Law, Technology, and the Arts.

Our clients often come to us with complicated and lengthy medical histories - and it essential that these records are carefully and critically reviewed. Dissecting medical records, uncovering and understanding a client's struggle and story, and translating that material into a compelling story for a judge or jury requires attention to detail, dedication, and empathy. Andrew actively engages his work with these qualities and applies top notch legal research and writing abilities to serve our clients every day.